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Lake Macquarie COUNCIL

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Plateau Tree Services work within the Lake Macquarie  area to provide tree services, tree management, residential and commercial tree services, aborists reporting, tree removals, tree pruning, stump grinding, tree management, vegetation management. See list of areas covered to the right.

Below is a brief overview of the Tree Preservation Order within Lake Macquarie Council. Please note this page should be used as a guide only. For full details, visit the Lake Macquarie Council Website.

Trees/plants not requiring Council’s consent for removal or pruning:

  • Tree works and clearing that are necessary to carry out an approved development and have been approved as part of the development consent
  • Building works within five (5) metres of the outermost projection of an approved building or structure on the subject land
  • Clearing of a tree or native vegetation that is within one (1) metre of a sealed driveway to a building for which approval has been granted on the same allotment
  • The removal of non-native (exotic) tree species unless it is a heritage item in a conservation area or specifically listed in Council’s Significant Tree Register 
  • Removal of dead or dangerous trees, where the instability is obvious and is independently confirmed by an approved arborist and there is immediate danger and/or hazard, for example structurally split trunks, trees or limbs, felled by storms, that may damage buildings or block access ways

Council MAY consider granting a permit to remove a tree under certain conditions, including when:

  • NSW native vegetation
  • A NSW native tree, shrub or sapling over three (3) meters high
  • A tree listed in Council’s significant tree
  • Trees or native vegetation that are subject to condition of development consent that requires them to be retained, and/or
  • Any trees or native vegetation that are listed as heritage items or are in a conservation area


  • Adamstown Heights *
  • Arcadia Vale
  • Argenton
  • Awaba
  • Balcolyn
  • Balmoral
  • Barnsley
  • Belmont
  • Belmont North
  • Belmont South
  • Bennets Green
  • Blackalls Park
  • Blacksmith
  • Bolton Point
  • Bonnells Bay
  • Boolaroo
  • Booragul
  • Brightwaters
  • Buttaba
  • Cameron Park
  • Cams Wharf
  • Cardiff
  • Cardiff Heights
  • Cardiff South
  • Carey Bay
  • Catherin Hill Bay +
  • Caves Beach
  • Charlestown
  • Coal Point
  • Cooranbong
  • Croudace Bay
  • Dora Creek
  • Dudley
  • Edgeworth
  • Eleebana
  • Eraring
  • Fassifern
  • Fennell Bay
  • Fishing Point
  • Floraville
  • Freemans Waterhole
  • Garden Suburb
  • Gateshead
  • Glendale
  • Highfields
  • Hillsborough
  • Holmesville
  • Jewells
  • Kahibah
  • Kilaben Bay
  • Killingworth
  • Korara South
  • Lakelands
  • Little Pelican
  • Macquarie Hills
  • Mandalong
  • Marks Point
  • Marmong Point
  • Martinsville
  • Mirrabooka
  • Morisset
  • Morisset Park
  • Mount Hutton
  • Myuna Bay
  • New Lambton Heights
  • Nords Wharf
  • Pelican
  • Rankin Park*
  • Rathmines
  • Redhead
  • Seahampton
  • Silverwater
  • Speers Point
  • Sunshine
  • Swansea
  • Swansea Heads
  • Teralba
  • Tingira Heights
  • Toronto
  • Valentine
  • Wakefield
  • Wangi Wangi
  • Warners Bay
  • West Wallsend
  • Whitebridge
  • Windale
  • Windemere Park
  • Woodrising
  • Wyee
  • Wyee Point
  • Yarrawonga Park

*Shared with City of Newcastle 
+ Shared with Wyong Shire Council

Tree Preservation Order Exempt Species for Lake Macquarie

The following species are exempt from the Tree Preservation Order. You do not require a permit to remove or prune these trees on your property.

  • Tree of Heaven - Alianthus altissima
  • Acaia baileyana* Cootamundra Wattle 
  • Chrysanthemoides monilifera Bitou Bush 
  • Cinnamomum camphora Camphor Laurel 
  • Comprosa repens Mirror Plant 
  • Conifer sp. Pine Tree 
  • Cotoneaster spp. Cotoneaster 
  • Cytisus scoparius English/Scotch Broom 
  • Erythrina crista-galli Cockspur Coral Tree 
  • Erythrina X sykesii Coral Tree 
  • Ficus elastica Rubber Tree 
  • Grevillea robusta * Silky Oak 
  • Jacaranda mimosifolia Jacaranda 
  • Lagunaria pattersonii Norfolk Island Hibiscus 
  • Lantana camara Lantana 
  • Ligustrum lucidum Broadleaved (Large-leaved) Privet 
  • Ligustrum sinense Small-leaved (Chinese) Privet 
  • Nephrolepsis cordifolia Fishbone Fern 
  • Ochna serrulata Ochna (Mickey Mouse Plant) 
  • Olea europaea subsp. africana African Olive 
  • Phoenix canariensis Canary Date Palm 
  • Phyllostachys spp. Bamboo 
  • Pinus radiate Radiata Pine 
  • Polygala mytifolia Polygala 
  • Ricinus communis Castor Oil Plant 
  • Schefflera actinophylla Umbrella Tree 
  • Schinus terebinthifolia Broad-leaf Pepper Tree 
  • Senna pendula Cassia 
  • Solanum mauritianum Wild Tabacco Tree 
  • Syagrus Sp. Cocos Palm 
  • Tecoma stans Yellow Tecoma 
  • * NSW Native Species