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Arborcultural Maintenance
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Tree Services

Arboricultural Maintenance
General Pruning
Dead Wooding and tree felling
Tree removal and replacement
Crane and Tower specialists
Wood chipping and mulch supply
Stump Grinding

TREE Pruning

There are many reasons why tree pruning is important. Plateau Tree Service has trained arborists who understand trees and will provide you with the best advice on how your trees will respond to pruning. Plateau Tree Service will also advise on any council approvals required for tree pruning and can assist with council applications. 

All tree pruning work undertaken by Plateau Tree Services adheres to the Australian Pruning Standard. The most common types of tree pruning include;

  • Crown thinning for light
  • Removal of deadwood 
  • Crown thinning for safety
  • Building Clearance
  • Service clearance such as electrical, water
  • Road and footpath clearance
  • Increased light penetration
  • Increase air flow
  • Increase view
  • Increased health and longevity
  • Reduce windload

Plateau Tree Services provide all types of crown thinning and canopy reduction.

Plateau tree service is based on the Nothern Beaches. We can provide you with your tree pruning and other tree service requirements in and around Sydney and NSW

General Pruning