The Work Health and Safety Management system is a vital part of the tree industry and we are committed to undertaking best practice at all times.

Plateau Trees achieved the full level of premium discount available through the WorkCover Premium Discount Scheme (PDS). And following completion of the PDS, we looked for the next step in improving our work health and safety management system.

In recognition of its importance, we applied for and achieved formal accreditation of our Safety Management system with Best Practice Certification to Standard AS4801.

We continue to develop and measure our own work health and safety performance. Our rate of claims and lost time due to injuries compares favourably with the industry standard, and our management of the risks associated with our work continues to improve.

Communication and training of our staff is constant and ongoing. We hold regular team meetings, which cover WHS issues. Our weekly on-site tool box meetings also incorporate safety topics.

We have developed an industry-leading safety culture, which we believe works to ensure our staff and customers are protected from the risks and hazards of our operations.:


Plateau Trees has a strong commitment to the environment, which is reflected in our policies, staff training and many practical measures we have implemented. We also recognise our responsibility to lead the way in environmental practices, because of the nature of our industry.

We recycle 100% of the material that we generate.

We provide mulch free of charge to a number of community groups, including bush regeneration groups and retirement villages, to assist in land management projects.

We operate a Waste Reduction and Purchasing Program (WRAPP) that looks at ways to reduce the waste we create and ensure we make purchases that create the minimum amount of waste possible.

We have developed a specific Environmental Management system to focus on the impact of environmental changes on flora and fauna.

Our fully accredited ISO14001 Environmental Management System includes measures to ensure that all of our tree maintenance activities have the lowest possible impact on the environment.

Our Standard Operating Procedures, Safe Work Method Statements and Hazard/Risk Assessments all incorporate protection of the environment and provide guidance for field staff on the prevention of environmental damage.

All our plant and equipment is state-of-the-art and meets the stringent Californian Emissions Standards.

All by-products produced by our tree maintenance activities are recycled.

Our Environmental Health and Safety Officers carry out all training of field staff during their induction to the company and audit our operations on a regular basis to ensure compliance with our ISO14001 Environmental Management System.

We adhere to the most stringent council guidelines regarding tree pruning and removal. We work closely with independent arboriculture consultants to properly assess when a tree should be saved or removed.

Finally, we regularly review our environmental policies and practices and look for new ways to minimise environmental impact.


Early in our business development, Plateau Trees recognised the need for a quality management system. Due to the ever increasing requirements of our customers, we knew there would be a clear benefit in terms of improving our ability to manage our business in a logical, effective and comprehensively measured way.

We then developed a quality management system and in June 2004 it achieved formal accreditation. We are currently certified through Best Practice Certification to ISO9001 Standard.

The system was custom-made to suit the needs of our clients and reflect the nature of the arboriculture industry. Special attention was placed on the use of clear, concise, documented instructions for our crews working in the field. Our competency review procedures ensure that the team members performing the work have the qualifications, skills and training required to complete the works to the high level of quality required.

Since we achieved accreditation, subsequent external audits have been positive. Continuous improvement of the quality management system has been of significant benefit to our business, and this benefit has been passed on to our clients by way of improved quality in workmanship and overall contract management.


Plateau Trees is fully insured.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance – $5,000,000 cover
  • Workers Compensation Insurance – $7,000,000 cover
  • Public Liability Insurance – $50,000,000 cover
  • Mobile Plant Insurance – $32,500,00 cover
  • We’ll also be able to calculate the SULE rating of the tree (Safe, useful, life expectancy) in line with the AS4373 guidelines.

If you would like to see a copy of our insurances please contact our office on (02) 9939 5350 or email:info@plateautrees.com.au