Green Waste Recycling, Firewood & Mulch

    At Plateau Trees, we are committed to the environmental sustainability in Sydney, that’s why we recycle 100% of all green waste products that are generated from trees.

    All green waste recycling is generated into quality mulch and firewood on site and returned to our facility.

    We offer firewood sold at per cubic meter and seasoned mixed hardwood that is split into consistent sizes that are suitable for any domestic application.

    Our specialised timber is great for wood-fired pizza ovens, furniture, fire pits and even native habitat in the garden areas to make it flourish.

    We sell:

    • Eucalyptus mulch – Adds beauty to garden’s appearance, covering and suppressing weeds.

    • Eucalyptus superfine – Protective covering and suppressing weeds or topping up existing garden beds.

    • Forest blend – excellent for soil erosion and protection.

    • Firewood – eco-friendly from a combination of Australian native hard woods and well-seasoned to burn longer at higher temperatures.

    The importance of recycling cannot be overstated. It is the process of converting waste materials into new products, which can then be used for either industrial or commercial purposes. This process not only saves natural resources but also reduces the amount of waste that is disposed of in landfills.


    The recycling of green waste, firewood, and mulch is a growing industry in Australia. This recycling has a number of benefits for both the environment and for businesses. Green waste is a broad term that refers to any organic material that can be recycled from households, businesses, schools, farms, and other sources. Green waste is typically collected in large quantities by municipalities or commercial collectors who then sell it to recycling companies or use it as fuel at their own facilities.

    The recycling process starts with the separation of organic materials from other waste. The organic materials are then sent to a processing facility for further sorting and composting. Green waste recycling is important for many reasons. It reduces the amount of landfill space that is needed for green waste. It can also provide a source of income as it can be sold as compost or mulch.


    There are many benefits of recycling green waste. Not only does it reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills, but also reduces toxic emissions from incinerators. By promoting and advocating green waste recycling, we are helping to conserve natures resources and energy. At Plateau Trees, we are always seeking new ways to reduce our waste and help the environment through our recycling processes.

    Organic mulch is made from natural materials like bark, leaves, and grass clippings. It is often used for gardens as it helps to keep the soil moist and cool. These materials are usually composted before they are used as mulch. It is a natural and renewable resource, and it improves soil quality by acting as a fertiliser. One of the major reasons why organic mulch is often more expensive compared to regular mulch, as it is more labour-intensive to produce.

    At Plateau Trees we produce our own organic mulch from our own recycled green waste so that it is full of nutrients. We do this to decrease costs and to ensure that our customers are getting pure and high-quality organic mulch that is perfect for their gardens. Regular mulch usually doesn’t break down over time as organic mulches do.

    The difference between organic mulch and regular mulch is that organic mulch is made of natural materials while regular mulch is made of man-made materials like shredded wood chips or even rubber. Organic mulch is typically much more nutrient-dense than regular mulch.