Green Waste Recycling, Firewood & Mulch

    At Plateau Trees, we are committed to the environmental sustainability in Sydney, that’s why we recycle 100% of all green waste products that are generated from trees.

    All green waste recycling is generated into quality mulch and firewood on site and returned to our facility.

    We offer firewood sold at per cubic meter and seasoned mixed hardwood that is split into consistent sizes that are suitable for any domestic application.

    Our specialised timber is great for wood-fired pizza ovens, furniture, fire pits and even native habitat in the garden areas to make it flourish.

    We sell:

    • Eucalyptus mulch – Adds beauty to garden’s appearance, covering and suppressing weeds.

    • Eucalyptus superfine – Protective covering and suppressing weeds or topping up existing garden beds.

    • Forest blend – excellent for soil erosion and protection.

    • Firewood – eco-friendly from a combination of Australian native hard woods and well-seasoned to burn longer at higher temperatures.