Tree FAQs

The contractor should hold a current workers compensation insurance policy for their

The contractor should also hold a current public liability insurance policy.

These insurance policies provide protection for you in the case of damage being caused to your
property, your neighbour’s property or people being injured while the work is being carried out.

The Certificate of Currency for Workers Compensation Insurance should be sighted and included
with the job quote. In the employers information section check the legal name, trading name, ABN
against the company details on the quote. The WIC code must be 95250. The Certificate of
Currency must be no more than twelve months old.

Work undertaken by inappropriately qualified contractors could result in major damage to your or
your neighbour’s property or in injury to people and may leave you liable for any costs associated
with this.

WorkCover NSW recommends that for tree work carried out on the ground a minimum of one
person holds the qualification of Certificate II in Horticulture (Arboriculture). All tree climbing work
should be carried out by a person who holds a minimum Certificate II in Horticulture (Arboriculture)
or be undertaking a course to obtain this qualification. All tree climbing work should be directly
supervised by a person with a minimum qualification of Certificate III in Horticulture (Arboriculture).

These qualifications are consistent with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS4373:
2007 Pruning Amenity Trees.

Whilst WorkCover NSW does not recommend specific contractors, there are two Industry
Associations; the Tree Contractors Association of Australia ( and the National
Arborists Association of Australia ( that may be able to assist you in making an
informed choice.

You should obtain a written quote from the contractor that contains the contact details and ABN of
the contractor.

All tree work should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the WorkCover Code of
Practice: Amenity Tree Industry 1998.

The contractor should be able to explain to you what measures they will be taking to ensure the
safety of people affected by the work, such as neighbours and people walking or driving past
where the work is being carried out.

If the work is being carried out near power lines the contractor must maintain a safe distance from
the power lines or be an “accredited person” to work within what are known as “approach
distances”. If work is being carried out on a tree that is within 3 metres of any power line including
a service line, then the person carrying out the work must be an accredited person who has
completed a recognised course of training and the contractor should be able to explain this to you
and provide evidence of any accreditation they have.

At all times you should ensure that you or other people remain outside of the danger areas
identified by the contractor. Failure to follow the contractors instructions could result in injury to
yourself or tree workers.

Reputable contractors will check for hazards prior to commencing work. If however you are aware
of any dangers on your property that could cause harm, you should advise the contractor. This
could be that there is an underground tank, underground services such as gas, electricity or
plumbing near the trees.

A copy of the WorkCover Code of Practice: Amenity Tree Industry 1998 can be obtained from
WorkCover NSW by calling 13 10 50 or downloaded directly from

Further information can be obtained by contacting the following organisations:

· WorkCover’s Rural Industry Team: 1800 300 377 or 8882 4235 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm

Monday to Friday.

· The Tree Contractors Association of Australia: 1300 660 379 (
· The National Arborists Association of Australia: 02 4739 4339 (
· The Local Government Tree Resources Association (

Plateau Trees can sometimes use your tree removal for firewood. When your timber is to be cut to firewood lengths it will normally be cut into 45cm (18 inches) lengths and left tidy but in unstacked heaps. If you require the wood to be split and or stacked we can arrange a quote for you.

Where a council has a Tree Preservation Order, it is the owners responsibility to obtain a permit before work can proceed on the trees covered by the order. Plateau Trees has a link to Sydney councils which outlined various tree and vegetation requirements.

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