Eastern Suburbs Arborist Services

    Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is home to some of the most luscious foliage and greenery in Sydney. The succulent shrubbery and plant life needs to be accurately cared for, in order to truly flourish in the way that they should. Leave it to the professional Eastern Suburbs arboriculturists at Plateau Tree Services to perform all of the services your greenery and trees need to sustain their health.


    Tree lopping is a specific tree service that trims tree branches, in order to completely transform and condense the size of the tree as a whole. Lopping is specifically done to train the tree to grow in a certain direction, while also focusing on removing damaged sections within the tree itself. The Eastern Suburbs tree lopping specialists at Plateau Trees know when they need to utilize their skillsets to lop a tree, ensuring only the best quality and overall health for your trees. Plateau Trees only recommend tree lopping if it’s an absolute necessity, which is why our Eastern Suburbs Arborists evaluate your trees overall health before recommending tree lopping. In most cases, a simple prune is all that’s necessary to keep your Eastern Suburbs trees looking great and staying healthy.


    When a tree on your property is unhealthy or dead, then it is most likely time for you to call the professionals at Plateau Trees to safely and efficiently cut it down. Cutting down a tree or a set of trees that are unhealthy could bring about a multitude of benefits for your entire properties’ ecosystem. The knowledgeable and considerate team of Eastern Suburbs tree specialists will be able to safely cut down your sick and unhealthy trees while assisting in the restoration of your already existing trees.


    The professional and caring tree specialists at Plateau Trees, know and understand that removing one of your treasured trees may be an extremely hard decision to come to. However, the removal of certain trees may be needed to uphold the health of the environment surrounding your property. Trust the Eastern Suburbs tree removal experts at Plateau Trees to remove any undesirable or unhealthy trees from your land.


    Pruning a tree is when damaged or diseased branches are removed from a tree, in order to fully preserve the health and growth of that tree. The tree specialists at Plateau Trees, have the knowledge and skillsets to prune any tree that may be causing you an issue. Our arboriculturists will be able to improve the health of your trees by accurately and efficiently pruning your trees. Our Eastern Suburbs expert tree specialists are fully trained and insured and conduct all work according to the Australian Pruning Standards AS 4373-2007, call us now to discover how we can help replenish your Eastern Suburbs trees.


    Trimming the trees that surround your property is an essential service that must be completed. Trimming your trees will produce a property that looks incredibly clean and cohesive. Trust the Eastern Suburbs tree trimming experts at Plateau Trees to professionally and competently maintain and trim your trees to perfection. Our Eastern Suburbs arboriculturists will be able to effortlessly maintain the trees that are located on your property.



    Plateau Trees offers our incredibly effective, proficient, and affordable services to the following locations within the Eastern Suburbs area:

    • Vaucluse
    • Rose Bay
    • Darling Point
    • Dover Heights
    • Double Bay
    • Point Piper
    • Paddington
    • Edgecliff
    • Watsons Bay And so many more locations! Call us at any time to get a detailed description of the services that we can offer to you!

    The arboriculturists at Plateau Trees take their time in order to ensure a completely safe and efficient tree service experience. We put a lot of effort into the planning process of each examination that we provide, ensuring you that your trees will be serviced in a swift, yet well-organized manner. In saying this, we aim to schedule an initial inspection appointment within the first 24 hours of your enquiry.

    Plateau Trees offers the Eastern Suburbs a myriad of top-notch services. These services include, but are not limited to:

    • Eastern Suburbs Tree Pruning
    • Eastern Suburbs Tree Cutting
    • Eastern Suburbs Tree Removal
    • Eastern Suburbs Tree Lopping
    • Eastern Suburbs Tree Trimming
    • Eastern Suburbs Stump Grinding



    Based on 85 reviews.
    John Olsen
    John Olsen
    I have used their services several times, and can only highly recommend them. they are always on time and are very competitive with their pricing.
    Tim Martin
    Tim Martin
    Plateau Tree’s undertook a variety of works for me including, tree and stump removal, stump grinding, pruning and finally planting. The Plateau team were professional, friendly and cleaned up perfectly at the end of a very messy job. I would have no hesitation in recommending Plateau Tree Services to any family, friend or business. Service of this quality is rare today. Thank you Tony and Team.
    Andrea Jones
    Andrea Jones
    I called 3 companies for quotes, Plateau was the only one to respond. They responded very quickly, were very professional and polite. Would not fail to recommend them
    Nicky Adamo
    Nicky Adamo
    A dream company to work with. Squeezed us in as we were running on a tight timeline plus we had last minute access issues which they problem solved and worked around. Were super professional, did a great job and would highly recommend.
    Bradley Miller
    Bradley Miller
    We needed a Council approval tree service company for removing a tree in front of our house. Plateau Trees were on the approved list and were simply one of the easiest and most professional companies I've ever dealt with. From start to finish they were helpful, available and polite. They were able to help us on short notice and nothing was too much trouble. The work was done on time and done well. I would highly recommend.
    Michael Khoury
    Michael Khoury
    We used Plateau Trees on a large construction site with very sensitive neighbours. Work was completed without any complaints. Highly recommended.
    Jon Huntington
    Jon Huntington
    The Plateau Tree Services did us proud removing a large dead Camphor Laurel Tree from our property boundary and several Privet trees under difficult site conditions. We were very happy with the outcome. We'd recently put in a new garden that necessitated the guys carrying all the removed material (trunk sections and branches) across delicate garden features and up many steps to the driveway where the munching machine was located. They did magnificently and took great care so that nothing got damaged along the way. Thanks so much. We'd fully recommend PTS to others needing truly professional services.
    Brendan Walsh
    Brendan Walsh
    The team from Plateau Tree where very professional. All work was carried out as promised and in a courtesy and timely manner. I can highly recommend Plateau Trees. Brendan