Meet our Operations Manager, Cass Chappel

Operations Manager, Cass Chappel

Known for her enthusiasm and professionalism Cassandra (Cass) Chapple is an outstanding Operations Manager. She’s excellent at booking in teams and quickly builds rapport with our clients. Cass has been with Plateau Trees for nine years and continues to be an asset to our management team.

“I love working at Plateau Trees! I really enjoy the logistics within my role and interacting with different people – clients, co-workers in the office and the crews out on the field. The people is what makes Plateau so special and such a great place to work. My role itself is really rewarding as I get to coordinate a wonderful bunch of people every day and prioritise works effectively to ensure the community is well taken care of,” says Cass.

Cass works ahead of any asset landscape maintenance planning to prepare for the successful completion of our work. That includes letting our crews know what is coming, and later measuring how successfully the planning effort contributed to the results.

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