Our People are the Cutting Edge to our success


Price family

Timothy Price (10 years), Maddi Lewis (4 months) and Billy Price (12 years)


With over 100 employees in Sydney and the Central Coast, we are firm believers of developing our people to have the skills and requirements for our business. When you have good people working for you, it’s easy to build long term relationships with your customers and vendors.

It’s important for our business culture to nurture the work environment for our employees, whether they work as part of the crews, or in our office. Our management team are on hand to make sure that we provide the best training opportunities for all our staff. We try to involve them in the decision making, and make sure they feel appreciated when they do a good job.

Our work culture means that many of our employees introduce their siblings, partners and friends to come join the Plateau Trees family business.

 That’s why we are concentrating on our people more than ever, and want to introduce some of our family team members who have been working with us for a long time.


Lousie and Stuart Cannell, Plateau Trees


Louise Cannell (16 years) and Stuart Cannell (15 years)

Fennell family


David Fenner (8 years) and Cliff Fenner (8 Years)


The best thing about our employees is that they are a good bunch of people and who go out of their way to help all our clients. They also live by our core values of Safety, Quality and Progress every single day.

That’s why we’re committed to helping our people perform at their very best through ongoing training and development. Beyond the job training, we want to give them the opportunity to grow as individuals as well.