Certified Quality Management System AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008

Early in our business development, Plateau Trees recognised the need for a quality management system. Due to the ever increasing requirements of our customers, we knew there would be a clear benefit in terms of improving our ability to manage our business in a logical, effective and comprehensively measured way.

We then developed a quality management system and in June 2004 it achieved formal accreditation. We are currently certified through Best Practice Certification to ISO9001 Standard.

The system was custom-made to suit the needs of our clients and reflect the nature of the arboriculture industry. Special attention was placed on the use of clear, concise, documented instructions for our crews working in the field. Our competency review procedures ensure that the team members performing the work have the qualifications, skills and training required to complete the works to the high level of quality required.

Since we achieved accreditation, subsequent external audits have been positive. Continuous improvement of the quality management system has been of significant benefit to our business, and this benefit has been passed on to our clients by way of improved quality in workmanship and overall contract management.