Tree Services

Mulch Service

Plateau Trees provide several different mulch products to suit a range of landscape settings. We can supply samples or one of our consultants can discuss your requirements for mulch supply and installation.

Two main types of mulch are available. Shredder Mulch is a dark coloured, well composted product that is also useful as a soil conditioner or a source of added organic matter in impoverished soils.

Leaf Mulch, a mix of native species, produces a honey coloured mulch with a high component of foliage material – an excellent product for Australian landscapes.

Plateau Trees supply wood chipping and mulch which are very useful landscape products. It is effective for weed suppression, improvement of moisture and temperature, reducing irrigation and improving nutrient levels in soil.

Our modern plant & equipment allows us to supply these products quickly, efficiently and at a competitive price.  Materials can be delivered to sites for specific projects and we can fill large orders in short time frames.