Sydney Tree Removal Cost Guide

When you are choosing a Sydney tree removal company to efficiently and safely remove a tree that might be hazardous to your loved ones or co-workers, you need to understand whether or not they have the appropriate certifications to provide a qualified service to you. Truly recognizing and understanding if a tree services company has the correct tools and skillsets, along with a team of professionally trained and certified arborists is incredibly vital. Our mission is to provide every one of our customers with an incredibly high standard of tree removal services.

There are several important things to consider when you are searching for a tree servicer to care for the beautiful greenery surrounding your residential household or your commercial office building. One of the main elements that you must look into is the costs. Keeping your trees looking their best can be costly when you are dealing with the wrong arboriculturists. At Plateau Trees, we are willing to work closely with all of our clients regarding our tree servicing costs. Plateau Trees is always willing to serve our loyal clients and potential customers with a free quotation, to fully allow them to understand what will be delivered to them through each tree service that we provide.

During the quotation process, the qualified estimators at Plateau Trees will delve into differential variables, such as access, topography, size and condition of the tree, distance from certain structures, houses, pools, footpaths, fences, and many other circumstantial variables. Our estimators will then have to decide whether or not the tree removal process will directly interfere with above or underground services, such as your power, water, and many other important household or commercial services.

For Plateau Trees, a standard crew consists of about 3 men, 2 of which are certified arborists and a truck driver/chipper operator. Our crew of experts will arrive at your property, fully equipped with the professional tools and skillsets they need to safely remove any tree that might be causing an issue for you and your property. Plateau Trees charges about $3,500 plus GST for a daily rate and tree removal service.

What Factors Affect Tree Removal Costs?

Many elements may greatly affect the total cost of a tree removal service from the quality arborists at Plateau Trees. These are the significant factors that make up your tree removal quote.

Staff: A Professional Team of Arborists and Ground Crew

Plateau Trees tree removal process incorporates both professionally trained arborists and a crew of individuals that stay on the ground, assisting the arborists in fully removing the tree from your property. If the tree is rather large, then Plateau Trees will send over more able-bodied team members to assist in the tree removal. Since these positions must be filled by exceedingly skilled individuals and that the entire process is incredibly labour intensive, our team will need to be compensated for all of their hard work and years of experience.

Size Of The Tree

The size of the tree is an incredibly important factor within our tree removal quote. As a rule of thumb, our team members will be able to remove one large tree or 2 medium trees or 3 small trees within a singular day. The size of the tree will directly influence the cost of the entire tree removal service.

Plateau Trees can provide desktop quotations based on work that is directly approved by a council if we are provided with clear photographs, directly showing the size of the tree and the direct location.

Plateau Trees standard stump grinding service, meaning stumps that are less than 400mm in diameter, starts around $300. For a stump that is 1000mm in diameter, we charge $700 and stumps above 1000mm will be priced on a quote basis. All of these mentioned prices are purely indicative to provide an estimate and are subject to change based on other factors, however, can be used as a rough guide to start the journey and set expectations as to what is involved with a Sydney tree service.


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