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Sydney Tree Removal

We are one of Sydney’s most efficient and reliable arboriculture resources for state and local government, operating in the Sydney metropolitan area and on the Central Coast.

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    Plateau Trees is committed to providing customers with professional tree services. If you’re looking for a Sydney tree removal company that goes to extra lengths to make the community cleaner and safer, then you’re in the right place!

    Whether you want to clear your land from unsafe trees or want to increase your property’s curb appeal, we offer Sydney’s most attentive tree service. Our Sydney tree services include but are not limited to:

    • Sydney Tree lopping services: Sydney residents depend on us to provide the best tree lopping services in Sydney to improve the look and structural integrity of their trees.
    • Sydney tree cutting services: Sydney’s state and local government bodies rely on us for the most professional tree cutting services in Sydney.
    • Sydney tree removal services: We offer tree removal services to keep our community safe from disasters.

    Sydney Tree Removal Services

    Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances where it is necessary. Our arborists can help you with the assessment of all tree services. They can safely and efficiently remove trees:

    • in confined spaces
    • located in natural areas such as bush land
    • remove trees that are dead and dangerous

    Our tree services include either grinding the tree stump or removing it completely.

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    Sydney Tree Removal Services

    Stump Grinding Sydney

    Grinding stumps that may be leftover on your property is beneficial for several reasons.

    • Stumps are a hazard to the environment in which they are located. Having a stump poking out in the middle of your front yard presents a tripping hazard to individuals who because may be walking through your front lawn, such as young children playing a game of tag. They can also present a hazard to lawn equipment. By grinding up the stump, you will be able to easily and quickly remove this hazard from your residential landscaping.
    • Leftover tree stumps can cause new tree growth. The tree won’t form properly from the regrowth and it will in turn be a weak tree. This is known as epicormic growth where the new stems of the tree won’t become structurally sound.
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    Stump Grinding Sydney

    Arborist Reports Sydney

    Arborist Reports, also known as Tree Reports, are the first step for any tree service. An arborist report will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the plant life on your land. Some of the main elements that can be found on an arborist report are:

    • Size, species, and internal condition of each tree that is located on your property.
    • Proper methods should be used to protect and accurately care for your trees.
    • Reasons why you should or should not remove a certain tree.
    • And so much more!
    • We’ll also be able to calculate the SULE rating of the tree (Safe, useful, life expectancy) in line with the AS4373 guidelines.
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    Arborist Reports Sydney

    Landscape Trees Maintenance

    Our Commercial Tree Management and Asset Landscape Maintenance service includes:

    • Commercial landscape management
    • Commercial landscape maintenance
    • Traffic management
    • Tree planting and advice on tree species
    • Commercial mowing services
    • Grounds landscape maintenance
    • Graffiti removal and surface cleaning
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    Landscape Trees Maintenance

    Tree Recycling & Land Clearing

    Sydney is known for its stunning variety of picturesque trees. Trees offer the community and the environment Cleaner air, shade on hot days, and protection from wind and water erosion. As such, it is important that you keep your trees healthy.

    If your trees look like they are in need of a professional tree service, and you happen to be located in the Northern Beaches, Sydney area, then you’re in luck! Plateau Trees Northern Beaches is the premier tree service for you.

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    Tree Recycling & Land Clearing

    Tree Emergency Service

    Plateau Trees delivers safe, reliable and cost-effective Sydney Tree Removal services to protect and enhance public land and assets for Local Councils and NSW Government bodies. We have partnered with over 26 Local Councils who know they can rely on Plateau Trees for:

    • Reliable service delivery
    • Northern Beaches tree Services to be delivered inline with our Quality accredited systems
    • Regular communication to assist them in managing their assets
    • Courteous communication and interaction with all members of the public
    • Tree care services and landscape maintenance delivered in the most environmentally conservative manner possible.
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    Tree Emergency Service


    Based on 85 reviews.
    John Olsen
    John Olsen
    I have used their services several times, and can only highly recommend them. they are always on time and are very competitive with their pricing.
    Tim Martin
    Tim Martin
    Plateau Tree’s undertook a variety of works for me including, tree and stump removal, stump grinding, pruning and finally planting. The Plateau team were professional, friendly and cleaned up perfectly at the end of a very messy job. I would have no hesitation in recommending Plateau Tree Services to any family, friend or business. Service of this quality is rare today. Thank you Tony and Team.
    Andrea Jones
    Andrea Jones
    I called 3 companies for quotes, Plateau was the only one to respond. They responded very quickly, were very professional and polite. Would not fail to recommend them
    Nicky Adamo
    Nicky Adamo
    A dream company to work with. Squeezed us in as we were running on a tight timeline plus we had last minute access issues which they problem solved and worked around. Were super professional, did a great job and would highly recommend.
    Bradley Miller
    Bradley Miller
    We needed a Council approval tree service company for removing a tree in front of our house. Plateau Trees were on the approved list and were simply one of the easiest and most professional companies I've ever dealt with. From start to finish they were helpful, available and polite. They were able to help us on short notice and nothing was too much trouble. The work was done on time and done well. I would highly recommend.
    Michael Khoury
    Michael Khoury
    We used Plateau Trees on a large construction site with very sensitive neighbours. Work was completed without any complaints. Highly recommended.
    Jon Huntington
    Jon Huntington
    The Plateau Tree Services did us proud removing a large dead Camphor Laurel Tree from our property boundary and several Privet trees under difficult site conditions. We were very happy with the outcome. We'd recently put in a new garden that necessitated the guys carrying all the removed material (trunk sections and branches) across delicate garden features and up many steps to the driveway where the munching machine was located. They did magnificently and took great care so that nothing got damaged along the way. Thanks so much. We'd fully recommend PTS to others needing truly professional services.
    Brendan Walsh
    Brendan Walsh
    The team from Plateau Tree where very professional. All work was carried out as promised and in a courtesy and timely manner. I can highly recommend Plateau Trees. Brendan





      Plateau Trees maintains some of Australia’s highest-profile commercial properties and landscapes. We work with asset property managers to provide extensive commercial horticultural and landscaping services for:

      Local Councils & State Government


      At Plateau Trees we have considerable experience in working on high speed and high volume roads across Sydney.

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      Commercial Horticultural & Landscaping Service


      Our tailored commercial landscape management programs meet the specific needs of every client.

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      Residential Arboricultural & Landscape Management


      We’re a family-based business with the resources to service the largest and most complex properties.

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      Plateau Trees understands that the decision to remove one of your properties beautiful trees can be extremely hard but is sometimes necessary. Removing specific trees that are hindering the growth of your healthy and fruitful environment may be essential to the continuous upkeep of the landscape surrounding your residential or commercial property. As Sydney tree removal specialists, Plateau Trees has the tools, skills, and abilities to remove any tree that you may be concerned about. You can trust the professional Sydney arborists at Plateau Trees to remove any dangerous or unwanted trees on your property.

      Removing trees that you watched grow and flourish may be a hard decision to make. However, putting off the removal of hazardous or dangerous trees can be incredibly threatening for the individuals inhabiting the property. Some of the main signs that can indicate your trees may need to be removed due to illness within the tree itself are discoloured leaves, splitting bark, fungi, or holes appearing on the outside of the tree. Trees that aren’t habitually examined and removed by Plateau Trees professional arborists can pose major risks for those around them including property damage, additional costs for repairs, and foundational issues within the property due to overgrowing roots.

      If you have noticed that a tree or a group of trees on your property aren’t as vibrant and healthy as they once were, then it may be time to call the specialists at Plateau Trees to remove them. We know how to save an unhealthy tree or efficiently remove it if it can’t be revived. Call Sydney’s number one tree removal company - Plateau Trees today!

      Our team of certified Sydney arborists are trained by experts to provide the most comprehensive tree services in Greater Sydney. We use up-to-date equipment and maintenance machines to cut your trees like no other Sydney tree service. In the day or at night, we are available 24/7 for emergency tree removal services, and we service residential, commercial, and governmental assets to promote the safety and well-being of our trees within the Sydney community. After we finish the job, we take extra measures to clean the site before recycling 100% of our by-products.

      We conduct all of our tree services in accordance with the WorkCover Code of Practice: Amenity Tree Industry 1998 and provide you with a written quote that has all of our contact information to ensure the safety and accountability of all people involved in our Sydney tree removal services. Once at the site, our trained Sydney tree service consultants will work with you and those in close proximity to keep you and any passersby safe. Contact us today to get a free quote!

      We have the following insurances:

      • workers compensation insurance
      • public liability insurance

      Both policies include protection for you in the case of damage being caused to your property, your neighbour’s property or people being injured while the work is being carried out.



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