Plateau Trees Service Northern Beaches have implemented following protocols to mitigate the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus, to support the ongoing health and well being of our respective employees and to provide continuity of services to our clients.


  • Educate all management to ensure they have adequate knowledge of all symptoms and precautions, this information will be based on current advice from government agencies and the World Health Organisation

  • Continue to monitor expert advice

  • Continue to review infection control practices

  • Educate employees and provide adequate personal hygiene supplies and provide literature/publications as they become available

  • Any staff able to work remotely from home will do so, whilst maintaining a minimum presence in the office

  • All work crews will be dedicated, to ensure no crew members are transferred between crews

  • Group toolbox meetings will be conducted via phone conference calls

  • Other toolbox meetings will be completed online using the PTS Control Room database

  • Staff to notify management of any suspected COVID-19 symptoms and/or testing being undertaken to maintain clear communication and prevention of potential spread of any infection.