DZH 7000 Horizontal Shredder

DZH 7000 Series Shredder

DZH 7000 Series Shredder


When it comes to civil land clearing projects, efficiency is as important as getting the job done. That’s why we have added a brand-new DZH 7000 Diamond Z Horizontal shredder to our collection of equipment.

The new horizontal shredder reduces landfill requirements as we can now process brush, yard waste, clearing debris, storm debris, C&D waste, other mixed woody feedstocks, and even asphalt shingles into saleable products such as mulch.

The DZH 7000 will ensure we can recycle 100 per cent green waste into mulch. Projects for our clients will be more efficient and on schedule.

If you have a civil land clearing project, call 1300 518 517 for a detailed quote today.