Plateau Control Room

To ensure that we continue to deliver outstanding customer service, Plateau Trees implemented an enterprise management database which incorporates remote wireless, online communication with our management team and work crews. We call this database the Plateau Control Room and it provides our customers with the capability of remotely accessing the works schedule to ascertain the status of all awarded works at any given time.

The Control Room provides secure backup and recovery processes, accurate record keeping and the ability for our clients to obtain reports on matters of relevance at the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen. Plateau Trees has self-developed The Control Room in partnership with a number of IT organisations and as a result the system is ideally suited to meet the needs of our team and our clients directly. As a further development to the original system, the Mobile Control Room extends the features of the database into the field and enables our contracts managers to carry out scoping and pre-auditing of works from site. Our work teams utilise the Mobile Control Room to document the hazards and implemented controls on their worksites efficiently and comprehensively.

The Mobile Control Room provides our works crews with access to all required site documentation on the go and when required instant access to crew qualifications, maintenance records for plant and equipment and other documentation that might be required during audit processes on site. All functions completed within the Mobile Control Room can be shared securely with our clients through emails, direct log in or SMS alerts.