Planting 20 Million Trees

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PlateauTrees is working closely with the Australian Government to plant trees throughout the Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Western Sydney and South West Sydney.

The Government has committed to planting 20 million trees by 2020. This is to re-establish green corridors and urban forests.

Are crews are continually planting advanced trees and are maintaining them throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area.

An advanced native tree is a specimen that’s been grown in the nursery for around two to five years. They will provide stunning colour, welcome shade and natural beauty to the area.

“PlateauTrees is working closely with our local councils, and together we’re committed to reaching their tree planting targets.” – Stuart Cannell, General Manager.

Over the past year we have planted in excess of 1500 trees on public land for various local government councils.

To read more about this project, visit  the Australian Government website at: