Commercial Landscape Maintenance

Commercial Mowing Services


Turf will be mown at a frequency and height to achieve the presentation standards specified.  New rotary mowers and/or implements will be used and such machinery regularly maintained to ensure optimum performance and quality of cut.

All mowers will have flashing lights, sharp blades, full protection covers in place and be operated by a professionally trained operator at all times.


All pathways and roadsides will be regularly edged and blown clear of grass debris.

A power-line trimmer will be used at 90 degree angles for all edges.  Blowing of grass debris will be carried out using maintained petrol driven blowers i.e. Shindaiwa, Stihl.  This shall be carried out in conjunction with the mowing.

Verge and Median Mowing

PTS crews will inspect the mowing area for potential projectiles and remove litter prior to start of operations.

PTS will mow all turf areas as required to maintain turf areas within the nominated heights outlined in the contract.

Edges will be trimmed with Whipper-snippers or sprayed with herbicide to 100mm width as per RMS specification.

PTS will ensure that all machinery is suitable to the task and has the appropriate registration, lighting and signage and is complying with emission standards.