What Is Tree Lopping?

Tree lopping is the trimming of tree branches to reduce and modify the size or shape of the tree. However, there are many downsides to performing this service on the trees that are inhabiting your residential or commercial property. When you decide to allow professionals to lop your trees, this means that they will be cutting off limbs or branches of the tree with absolutely no deliberation or reflection towards the future growth of the tree itself. Sydney Tree lopping is an incredibly common practice for arborists to perform, especially when trees reach great heights and begin to block certain buildings and pathways for individuals to utilize. Although tree lopping is a quick, effective, and extremely easy way to achieve a certain shape or size within your tree or set of trees, visually, the service is not always attractive and the results usually negatively affects the future health of the tree.

Lopping the trees that are currently residing upon your property can cause the following tree health issues:

Rapid Re-growth:

When trees go through a lopping experience, they go into a state of shock, ultimately hindering their growth as a whole. Lopping the trees on your property can cause them to go into a state of rapid re-growth when inexperienced landscapers cut off a large portion of the tree. Due to the tree going into a state of shock, the tree will quickly begin to try to reproduce the branches or limbs that it has lost during the tree lopping service.

Disease and Pest Decay:

When tree lopping is performed on the tree, it is extremely easy for certain bacteria’s, diseases, and pest infestations can take over the tree because the act of lopping makes the particular portion of the tree act as though it is an open wound, susceptible to any infection that may be wanting to make its way into your once healthy tree. When these diseases or pest infestations take over your tree, it can cause the tree to decay at an incredibly early stage of its life, resulting in the branch, limb, or complete death of the tree.

Unstable tree limbs or tree branches:

The newly forming branches that will begin to grow on your tree after the lopping service has been performed will be extremely weak and inadequately formed. This heightens the risk for this weak and badly formed tree limb or branch to fall and greatly injure an innocent and unexpecting passerby.

How You Can Try To Avoid A Tree Lopping Service:

Do your research and find a qualified Sydney arboriculture company to perform your arboricultural needs. A qualified Sydney arborist will understand that tree lopping is incredibly detrimental to the overall health of your trees and will instead perform tree pruning.

Tree pruning Sydney will help to protect your trees against disease and pest infiltration, allowing for a long and prosperous life for your tree. When your tree has diseased, or damaged branches, the best plan of action would be to remove these designated branches, to promote optimal tree health and encourage tree growth. Compared to tree lopping, which involves the removal of a large number of large tree branches, pruning will only remove small branches that are damaged, allowing for the tree to maintain its healthy status.

Pruning your trees will ultimately lead to:

– New growth
– Fruit production
– Protection from diseases and bacteria
– Improvement in safety for individuals that reside or work near the tree in question

There is a myriad of pruning techniques that can be utilized by Sydney professional gardeners. These techniques include:

– Crown lifting
– Crown reduction
– Crown thinning

These methods are performed on different areas of the tree, all for very distinctive reasons.

Tree pruning truly encourages the natural growth of the trees that are located on your residential or commercial property, ensuring a long and healthy future for your tree. When your trees are pruned correctly, they will first start by removing the completely dead branches. By removing non-essential tree branches, your trees will be able to grow and prosper in an entirely new light.


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